How Away Packs in the Marketing

How Away Packs in the Marketing

When two former Warby Parker employees left to start their own company, they both had travel nightmare stories that guided their business idea. The luggage they used for travel didn’t meet their needs, fit their lifestyle or do what they wanted it to do and it was way too expensive.

From this pain, came Away.

Since they started their business, Jen Rubio and Steph Korey have sold more than $12MM worth of luggage. Their approach to business and marketing really packs a punch.

Away You Go

Product development consists of interviewing hundreds of people to learn about how suitcases don’t suit them. They listened, they watched for patterns and they made several observations to understand what was missing.

When they asked potential customers, what are some wild and crazy things they’d love while traveling, having easier access to charge their phone was a frequent request.

A lightbulb went off – well actually a USB plug appeared and they realized a simple way to separate themselves from all other suitcases.

Only Away comes with a USB port that allows you to charge your phone.

Beyond this feature, Away promotes their belief system.

We live in an age of access. Anyone can go everywhere. The world is a shared place, and every trip is part of the exchange, no matter the destination. We believe in making connections: on the road, online, and in person. We value access over aspiration and exploration over escape. For us, all time away is time well spent.

By selling directly to consumers, Away gets a chance to leverage their new customer’s network by offering incentives for sharing on social media. A dedicated team focuses on how to turn ten passionate customers into advocates sharing their story. Without the multi-tiered layers of distribution, wholesale and retail, Away gets to build intimate relationships with people who buy their products.

No Baggage Marketing

  • How effectively are you turning customers into marketing people helping you connect with their friends?
  • Do you have a strong “only we” statement that is memorable that can easily be shared? On Away luggage gives you a charging station.
  • Does your staff reflect the demographics of the people you are trying to serve? The average age of an employee at Away is 25 years old. They are trying to sell luggage to Millennials and want to ensure that they have the right tempo and tone in everything they door.

Is your marketing packing in customers?

Do you have an “only we” associated with your brand? Could a fresh perspective on your category help you find or renew your pathway to growth? Let’s chat. Pack a bag or just call me at 919 720 0995 or email me at

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