Eliminating The Friction

Eliminating The Friction

Lately, a word has become popular in the marketing universe.


How can you eliminate the friction of doing business with your company? Or, how can you remove the friction (resistance) that a consumer experiences when they want to buy from you and you make them fill out a 10-field form?

Eliminating the Friction, Increasing the Sales

Last week I went to order a cake from a bakery. I realized I needed a piece of information and had to call them back mid-order. They told me they aren’t allowed to save an order in their system. I think it would be a good idea to remove the friction of making me go through the process again.

When I had, some work done repairing some minor water damage, I had a company sent by my insurance agency to fix and make the repairs. When they left, I wasn’t pleased with how the work. I have had to call them seven times to follow up to finish the job. (Fortunately, I held back final payment so they’d have an incentive to do the work). The friction created makes me unlikely to recommend their services to my friends.

A streaming product I purchased at Best Buy only explained how to set up the device, but not how to use it. It took me about 20 minutes of Googling to figure out the final answer and to talk to someone in India from their customer service. The friction created by making it difficult to complete the work was frustrating. They could have removed this friction if someone tested the device with typical home users who were experiencing streaming for the first time.

No Fiction in Removing Friction

How easily can customers buy or get information from you? Do they get placed on hold or have to go through a merry-go-round on the phone? When someone buys your product or service, what confidence do you have that they are wildly delighted and will tell their friends how easy it was to buy from you?

Putting unnatural points of resistances can slow down word of mouth and creates unnecessary frustration.

How can you apply some WD40 to your business?

Do you need help getting the friction out of your business? I have a gallon of WD40, and I’m not afraid to use it. Connect with me at 919 720 0995 or email me at jeffreylynnslater@gmail.com

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