Website Visitors Welcomed

Website Visitors Welcomed

I’m looking at using software from a company called Lead Forensics for some clients interested in business development. Recently, they recognized that 98% of the traffic to their website wasn’t identifying themselves. If you are focusing on generating leads, that is a lot of interested visitors being ignored because they don’t self-identify.

If you think of your website like a tradeshow booth, imagine one hundred people coming by your booth and standing and looking at your company for 2 minutes, but only 2 percent (2 people) ever strike up a conversation. The rest keep moving along. Who are those 98 people? Where did they come from? Are some of them showing signs of interest to buy?

Lead Forensic and Website Visitors

Lead Forensics provides you with a small code that you paste into your WordPress site. It gives you the opportunity to know what businesses have come to your site and their location. You can’t tell which individual has visited, just that a company has stopped by to poke around.

I tested the software on my website to get a first-hand understanding of how it works. The cost is considerable for most small businesses, but if you could identify just a handful of leads who seem unusually interested in individual pages on your website, that data could be quite valuable to enhance lead generation.

For a business to business firms, this information can be useful to business development professionals. Knowing that individual companies have found their way to your site means that there is some degree of interest in what you do. What if you could get to that company and talk to a few of the key people who you typically work within growing sales?

The company gives you access to individuals contact information by location, by title with emails and street addresses. So, if you typically speak to the head of quality control or the chief financial officer, you can find potential leads. Since you can identify the physical location (a plant in Pittsburgh versus Peoria), you can identify people who work at this place.

Over the coming months, I’ll report back on the value I see in the software, but I am intrigued by the concept. It may not be right for every business, but in B2B, it often doesn’t take much to turn one interested lead into a buying customer.

Maybe you know what’s in your wallet but do you know who is coming to your website?

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Photograph: Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/Thomas Hawk


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