A Cracker Jack of an Idea – Diamond Candle

A Cracker Jack of an Idea – Diamond Candle

There are hundreds of companies that sell scented candles for the home. But only one gives you a ring with each candle, and a chance to win a $5,000 diamond ring! 

Diamond Candle is one of those brilliantly simple marketing ideas that can teach you a powerful lesson. How can you take your product beyond the ordinary into something different, special and shareable? It only took 18 months for this business to grow to a million dollars in revenue.

Since women purchase almost all candles, why not give them something extra? The founders mashed up Cracker Jacks with a prize inside with the candle business. They decided that their name and their ‘gimmick’ had to align with the buyer of the product.

screenshot-48A Diamond Candle is Forever

  • Before starting a business, you need to look at both what your competitors sell and how they go to market.
  • Analyze the gap – what’s missing, what aren’t they doing, how can you stand out?
  • Look at other products, businesses or models – maybe you can do what Diamond Candle did by borrowing an idea from Cracker Jacks that is over 100 years old. They just made it new and fresh.
  • Align the stunt with the brand name so you can deliver your value proposition every time.
  • Your special approach should be newsworthy that someone in the media will want to share your story. But even more important, you want your customers to do your marketing for you.
  • How many women, who purchase Diamond Candles, go to social media to share the treasure they found? They have over 58,000 followers on Instagram. That is an impressive community for a new business.

Does your brand offer something relevant and distinctive from your competition? 

Need a creative light?

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Photo Credit: Herman Turnip.https://www.flickr.com/photos/hermanturnip/with/3331692605/ and screen grab from Diamond Candles






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