We Get That Question A Lot

We Get That Question A Lot

My daughters have been urging me to get rid of my subscription to Netflix disks and to just stream for at least two years. I’m not exactly sure why I delayed but it has something to do with being digitally insecure.

On Friday, I took the leap and bought an inexpensive Chromecast device at Best Buy for $35.

I understood the basic concept but for me, there is often something that isn’t as simple or a step isn’t clear. I’m fairly tech savvy but I often feel an important detail is assumed that isn’t explained. The product manager knows her product so well, she forgets not everyone has her level of knowledge.

Case in Point

I grabbed a salesperson at Best Buy and asked him to explain to me how the device worked. He was very knowledgeable, walked me through the basics but he left off an important detail. I didn’t know enough to ask about this detail.

When I got home and opened the box, I installed the device but the instructions left off an important detail. It wasn’t printed on the box or anyone online.

Here is the important detail: Once you have the device installed, how do you stream. In other words, what is the next step? 

Sorry, I’m a newbie to streaming and the clerk in the store and the instructions assumed I had experience, I didn’t have before with a home network.

Fortunately, I found an 800 number for this product and got to speak with a human being (I think she was in India). Joy could answer my simple question that confused me and she said, we get that question a lot.

She explained that you just need a laptop to set up the device, but to operate it, you just need an app or you can just open chrome to stream. Sorry, I didn’t know that and neither the salesperson or the instructions told me that small detail.

User Experiences Matter

What would have happened at Google if the product team observed several people like me installing the device at home? Would they have realized that just need to add a simple sentence:

Once installed, open chrome and go to YouTube, and when you find the video you want to play, click the three little dots and then click CAST. Then click the name you gave your device and you are in business. For Netflix, Hulu, or HBO Go, just download the app and once you pick the video, click the icon to play. To end, click end CAST.

Lessons for Product Marketers

  1. Don’t assume your customer has done this before.
  2. Explain it like I’m 63 not 8. (sometimes it isn’t so obvious for people who aren’t digital natives)
  3. Watch potential clients try to use your product so you see how you can help them make it easy.
  4. I didn’t search for a video set of instructions, but that would have made this simpler too.
  5. Having a human being available to answer basic questions, enhances my willingness to recommend this product to others.
  6. If your customer service keeps getting the same question, maybe update your instructions.

Now, time to binge on Netflix.

User experience is core to great marketing. Making things easy, simple to share and friendly really helps you win in the marketplace. Need help? Let’s talk. I can even set up your Chromecast for you. 919 720 0995 or jeffreylynnslater@gmail.com






Photo credit:  https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:StudioWiring.png


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