Most of you will only read or skim this first sentence.

Less than half of you will read this second sentence.

Very few of you will read beyond this sentence.

Your marketing message may have eight seconds to connect with a recipient. You must be brief. 

So here are things you don’t want to do:

  • Be visually dull with an image that no one will remember
  • Fill a page with too many words
  • Think your recipient cares about every feature built into your gizmo
  • Blend into average and ordinary
  • Seem normal, regular and unimaginative

Marketing will work best when it sent to someone who has given you permission to share ideas with them and when you are respectful of their time.

A marketing communication works best when the message is about the benefit the recipient receives to help make their life or work easier.

Quick. Get to the point.

Be brief.

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