Am I Describing You?

Could marketing consulting help you grow your business?

You are a hard-working business owner, president or general manager.

You have started a new business, are in the early years of building a company or possibly trying to reinvigorate your brand.  You have revenue of $1 million dollars to 100 million dollars.

You sell to either other businesses or consumers with products or services. Your expertise is not in marketing or communications but other fields like technology, operations, finance or distribution. Could marketing consulting help be right for you?

  • You need an acting CMO or VP Marketing because you aren’t ready for a full-time employee.
  • You want to grow your sales and need some marketing juice to fuel your actions. 
  • You need to create a new brand or product name that you can trademark. Learn more here.
  • You need to generate more qualified leads or customers. 
  • You have a new service or product offering that you need to communicate to new or existing customers.
  • You need to communicate the value your product or service offers, but you don’t know where to begin.
  • Social media seems like a mystery and yet traditional advertising hasn’t been working either.
  • You recognize that you need some help rethinking how to improve how your product is noticed as different from your competitors.
  • You need someone who can be both strategic and tactical.
  • You need someone who can help you find a distinctive approach to your market and to help you execute a plan.
  • And you want to go slow, start small and try out working together.
  • How do you invest your available marketing dollars wisely?
  • The business needs seasoned marketing advice to get things moving forward.

Could you use a marketing coach? 

Do you need an independent, experienced marketing coach or a sounding board to help you develop an action plan that allows you to take a few small steps to test what works? Sound familiar…let talk?


…perhaps, you work as an employee in a small company within a sales or marketing organization. The company sales are under $100 million dollars, and there is no real marketing department. However,  you are charged with “the marketing.’ You have limited resources and people to execute the tactical activity. It feels like ‘Groundhog Day’ where you work where you are stuck in a rut of doing the same thing over and over again like trade shows, ads in industry publications and printed brochures. Nothing is working.

You need help creating an approach that can generate leads, build awareness and communicate your differentiation in the marketing place – but you are stuck. You need someone to help bring you and the owner/general manager together to define better how a modest investment in the right kind of marketing activity can provide you with pricing power and a path toward double-digit growth.

If this is you, I can help.

Pricing Information

Small Business Pricing Plan:   Imagine having a marketing advisor available when you need help? We can craft a fixed cost plan that gives you access to me via phone, email or skype. Don’t worry about hourly rates. We agree on a one-time fix price that meets your budget, and you can pick my brain, run ideas by me or get creative ideas to help you achieve your goals.  Use the contact me form to get started by connecting with me and we will craft a program to meet your needs.

Hourly Rate: Connect with me through Clarity to set up an appointment. Clarity is a website that helps organize consulting assignments. My rate is $200 per hour, and you can schedule a short call for 15 minutes ($50) or extended periods of my time. You are charged by the minute for the call. I’m happy to review some information in advance of our initial call to prepare at no added cost. If you are unclear about using Clarity, feel free to email me at to work out an alternative payment option. 

Let’s discuss your unique needs and together we can craft a coaching plan to support your goals.  It can be a combination of access to Skype or FaceTime, phone, email or in person.


Let’s get started. 

 “I was truly impressed by his ability to interpret what I presented him with and get to the root of what me and my team can improve on.”

Joel Backaler, Vice President of Marketing at Frontier Strategy Group

“Jeff’s advice was worth 10X what I paid him for his guidance.”

           James Hardy 

“We would definitely still be struggling if it weren’t for the great ideas and feedback he gives us during our calls.”

Saira Gallo Founder, The Cookie That Gives

“Not only answered my questions but also provided great actionable ideas as well!”

Robert Armstrong CEO/Owner , GMomma

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