The Power of a Trailer for Brands

The Power of a Trailer for Brands

Marketing requires energy, excitement, and teasing.

The movie industry understands this better than most and has used trailers to help gain awareness and anticipation. Marketers don’t often think like Hollywood, and they are missing an important tactic. Almost a third of all consumers who see a trailer say they are likely to watch a movie. Imagine brands getting that much interest.

Trailers can easily be shared and are an apt format for putting fuel into the tank of many marketing campaigns. They can evoke and provoke intense emotion and can bring heightened engagement and awareness. Trailers turn brands into experiences.

Two Branded Trailers

Web of Fries

Taco Bell recently launched a trailer campaign that felt like a movie but was all about Taco Bell’s nacho fries and cheese dipping sauce. With Josh Duhamel starring in the trailer, he investigates why there haven’t been French fries at Taco Bell. His “trailer” daughter asks why they are no fries and it leads him to examine coverups, clowns, and food-based espionage. The ads will run on TV but also in theatres and on social media channels. Watch the trailer here.


Robert Graham and the Fake Car Movie Trailer

In March 2016, a four-minute trailer was created for fashion brand Robert Graham to help raise awareness and to develop the brands. Using real actors like Juliette Lewis and Vincent Kartheiser, the fake trailer promoted the idea of breaking the second sound barrier which is a speed beyond the limits of the sound barrier. Grahams brand wanted an association with an exhilarating and exciting lifestyle and pure happiness and whimsy. Watch this trailer here.


Turn your brand into a fun, shareable level experience rich with excitement, intensity, and fun to your marketing efforts? Think of the possibilities to showcase the trailer and to have raving fans share it online? Maybe you rent out some movie theatres to showcase it to an unexpected audience.

Borrowing a tactic from another category can turbo charge your marketing.

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Photo credit: Taco Bell


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