Jeff was wonderful to speak with. I got some helpful takeaways, and I plan to use his input and suggestions to make more of an impact. I’ll be continuing to speak with him in the future for sure.

Danica Jones

Marketing Manager, ConsumerAffairs.com

I spoke with Jeffrey about my firm’s brand positioning and overall marketing strategy. I was truly impressed by his ability to interpret what I presented him with and get to the root of what me and my team can improve on. He drew upon his years of marketing experience to offer guidance on how to strengthen our marketing strategy for the long-term and provided a series of practical short-term actions that we can begin to execute on today. Highly recommended.

Joel B

VP Marketing , Frontier Strategy Group

Jeff is an extraordinary marketing professional with a unique combination of an extremely strategic mind and a keen sense of where the market is moving, with an exceptional ability to manage to the bottom line. He is creative, resourceful and engaging as a marketing professional and is also a terrific manager, focusing on developing his people and making everyone around him better. Jeff is the consummate professional – making everything look incredibly easy, when in reality there has been an immense amount of work. I highly recommend Jeff in his work as a marketing executive.


Anne Robie

Global HR DIrector, StubHub

In my experience, Jeff provided both a skilled marketing expertise with a broad, well versed “tool kit” and a strong business/general management competency. These capabilities enabled Jeff to consistantly fit the right, cost effective approach to the business and/or customer need while providing the scorecard metrics to quantify success.


Doug Rende

President , Mitten

Very Knowledgeable. Not only answered my questions but also provided great actionable ideas as well!

Robert Armstrong

CEO/Owner , GMomma

Jeff has provided top-level practical advice to support the market introduction of Chevoo, a fresh hand blended goat cheese, infused in extra virgin olive oil and herbs.

His generous demeanor, introductions and marketing experience helped guide the tactical sales and marketing execution that is daunting for any new business. HIs launch recommendations supported the longer-term vision providing a framework to test, evaluate and grow the business. We welcomed his perspective and genuine interest in our success. Thank you Jeff!


Beth Manzi

Creative Services, CHEVOO

We had a really great call with Jeff regarding our new business venture this past weekend and he helped us get on the right track and really refine our idea. I think we were a little all over the place with our ideas before this, and he’s been a really great resource with some amazing ideas. If you are considering a new start up or even need ideas on where to go next with your business, I highly suggest scheduling a call with him.

John Carlos Gallo

New Bakery Ventures

Jeffrey was very helpful in cutting through all the approaches and ideas I had in my mind to get at the simplest, best answer for moving my business forward. Really helpful, Jeffrey – thank you!

Karen Kanakanui

Owner, The Copywriter

Jeff provided with useful advice that helped me define the brand for my business and also to focus my marketing strategies for best effect especially through the use of social media and my website. His messages were clear, concise and helpful and I was able to implement the ideas easily.

David J. Howard

CEO/Owner, Creekside Kennels

Jeff provided me with very useful advice about my career transition. He is a world of knowledge and shows genuine interest in one’s development. I appreciate all of his efforts and advice as I will use it to deliver a distinct message about myself. Thank you Jeff !!



Oscar Garcia

National Sales Manager, EFT Americas

Jeff served our company as a Marketing Executive and did an excellent job. He is creative, has a good strategic sense, and understands business in general. He was a pleasure to work with

Ron Doggett

Retired Chairman of Board, GoodMark Foods

A colleague of mine who had been in the business a lot longer than I once said, “It doesn’t get any better than this”. He was referring to the time we spent working with Jeff on the Slim Jim business. And he was right. Jeff’s focus, passion and understanding of the Slim Jim brand combined with his collaborative and motivating managing style made for what has been the most successful and enjoyable time in my professional life. Together, we grew the business double digits, year after year, when many thought the brand had topped out. And though I’m sure most of our success was the result of Jeff’s efforts, he would never say so. He has always been quick to deflect praise and reward the folks working with him. He is a partner in the truest sense of the word. A wonderful professional and good man.

Steve Garbett

Creative Director , Good Soil Agency


I have had the pleasure of working with Jeff since 2009 when he joined Nomacorc. We have a collaberative relationship in which I provide strategic marketing services to Nomacorc under Jeff’s direction. Jeff is an experienced marketing professional who excells at surrounding himself with a network of people and resources that he skillfully manages to achieve business objectives. Jeff does an excellent job of staying current with new technologies and marketing techniques. His broad range of experience and skills combined with a calm, thoughtful approach make Jeff a valuable asset to any business or organization.



Analie Roth

CEO , Ascend Business Development and Strategy

I was invited to give the keynote presentation at The Wine Marketing Exchange in Napa, California, an event which was conceived of and superbly organized by Jeffrey and his team at Nomacorc. This was simply the best marketing conference I have attended in several years both in terms of what I learned as well as the personal connections that were fostered. His vision for these exchanges has been to seek out new voices and perspectives in order to spark innovation for an industry that has until recently been rooted in fairly traditional approaches. The truly electric atmosphere of these events is a testament not only to Jeffrey’s skilll as a marketer (he truly understands the needs of his customers) but also his thought leadership for the wine industry and the marketing field as a whole. I highly recommend his recent publication UNRAVELING THE MYSTERIES OF MARKETING, an insightful and interesting narrative of lessons he has learned from over 30 years as a marketing professional and entrepreneur.

Norman Stolzoff, Ph.D.

CEO/Owner , President at Ethnographic Insight/Managing Director at Stolzoff Sportworks

Every conversation with Jeff has given us a kick in the right direction, while also helping us feel more confident in being able to accomplish our goals. We would definitely still be struggling if it weren’t for the great ideas and feedback he gives us during our calls, and he has always been available via email as well which is very generous of him.

Saira Gallo

Founder, The Cookie That Gives

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