Sock Happy

Sock Happy

It started with a desire by two Swedes to spread a little happiness through an everyday object. Their theory was simple: Socks = Happy.

Enter Mikael Söderlindh, the CEO of Happy Socks who worked in advertising for a decade and his buddy Viktor Tell. They wanted to take something ordinary and use it to spread some happy sauce around the world. They had a clear vision of their business model and how a stunning and dynamic design would be the catalyst for growth.

But they did one inspired, marketing action from day one.

They wanted to associate an emotion with their brand – thus HAPPY Socks.

Viktor was a graphic designer and illustrator when he teamed up with Mikael. He was a proponent of the “all play, no work” philosophy and wanted their products to scream happiness. By using bright, color patterns and design, he thought he could take the boring brown sock, and elevate it to a source of joy.

Happy Socks are sold in 70 countries in what appears to be an endless spectrum of lines, polka dots and happy colors and patterns.

SockItToMe? A Happy Sock Lesson

It is smart to think about the emotional connection of your brand with your consumers when you name your product; It can signal what is special and different about the brand. It can communicate the type of relationship you want to have with your customers.

No one is confused when they buy Happy Socks that they think the product is “just another pair of footwear.” It is a clear and distinct signal of what you’ll feel wearing happy socks to dress up your feet.

I got my first pair of Happy Socks as a Hanukah gift about two years ago from a colleague. Then, my wife bought a few pair for me to help me dress happy for work and to lose the boring brown socks I typically wear. Then, she bought more pairs this Hanukah. I now have a happy collection of socks that I wear with pleasure at work. It is like having a little museum on my feet each day.

Collaboration in Color

The Happy Sock team fuels excitement and energy through their inspired partnerships with artists, actors and other fast growth brands. They have teamed up with Snoop Dog, Minecraft, Keds, Be@rRock Toys, Wood Wood, Wong & Wong and others. Read about these relationships here.

Their collaborations are unusual, colorful, but all align with the excitement and energy of the brand. Finding innovative partners who can amplify their message of joy and bring new levels of happiness to customers.

The Antidote for Boredom

Can you find a way to bring a genuine emotion into your product or service? Could you change the name you give a service or product from something pedestrian into something laced with emotional power? Laughing Soda, Rebellious Rotisserie or Angry Hot Sauce? Maybe you can find a way to own an emotional expression in your messaging that separates you from your competitors? (The Smiling Electricians, The Joyful Janitors or The Singing Sangria).

Hello world let me sing you a song. Come on. Get happy. The Partridge Family


Photo credit: Jeffrey Slater

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