The Smallest Marketing Touch

The Smallest Marketing Touch

Often, it is the smallest gesture that connects us with a company or a brand.

When you pay attention to a typically unimportant detail, it can be more powerful than the most expensive marketing campaign.

If you run a service business like pest control, heating and air conditioning or water delivery, what could your driver/technician do that is unexpected, personal and authentic? How does it line up with your brand’s promise and your desire to have people share a story about your company?

Think Small, Personal and Human

Marketing professionals love to recommend search engine optimization, content marketing, Facebook advertising and on and on. There is nothing wrong with these tactics, but once we have a strategy, I like to start with something that is strategically on brand, but tactically human.

What happens when you start with something small that sends a powerful message?

Some might think of my ideas as a marketing gimmick, but I see it as friendly, memorable and unique. I look for a way to add a personal, human touch that separates your company from your competition. These examples also demonstrate how you can ignite word of mouth and get information about your company shared by your satisfied customers.

  • The exterminator who leaves a set of insect stickers for his customer’s children to enjoy. What a wonderful way for your kids to say, did the bug guy show up yet? A kind, little gesture can be a powerful way to separate your brand from competitors.
  • The HVAC salesman who accepts your 11 PM emergency call to his personal cell phone because you have a problem and he said he’d always be there for you. He told me to call him with ANY problem, ANY time. He even said that he is up until midnight most nights and gets up at 5 am.
  • The bottle water delivery service that carries in the heavy bottles and places a new one on the dispenser because he knows that his customer can’t lift 30 lbs. of water. He gets a few minutes to reinforce the company logo that they are more than a water delivery service; they are refreshing the world.

What is the equivalent small, human touch for your company?

Is it an unexpected hand-written thank you note or the surprise bouquet of flowers that you send to them when you know they are having some difficulties. It is showing up for a client’s kids football game on a Friday night because you want to show that you meant it when you said you care.

Lots of marketing coaches and advisors suggest that you think big.

My marketing advice, think small, personal and human.

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Fun fact: My nickname at summer camp was Slaterbugs


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