Everything is Vine

Everything is Vine

There is an adage in the world of consumer marketing – could you send your grandmother into the supermarket and could she easily find your brand? How will she know which brand of wine, energy drink or cereal is the one you work on?

Hey grandma, get the sugar substitute that is PINK. You know she will come home with Sweet ‘n Low. The only pink package in that aisle.

It is about Vine

An Italian wine has a remarkably simple mnemonic to help you (or your grandmother) find the wine you love. Cantina Zaccagnini attaches a twig from their vines to every bottle they sell.

Imagine how difficult it is to twist this twig on every bottle? It is an incredibly difficult and must drive their production manager to drink. From a lean manufacturing perspective, it makes no sense at all.

A Marketing Twist

Add a twist of twig allows the wine to stand out on the shelf. It makes this wine easy to find. A consumer could be blindfolded and she could still find this wine. It is a brilliant example of thinking differently – and meaningfully.

A consumer could be blindfolded and find this wine. It is a brilliant example of thinking differently – and meaningfully. And, it isn’t an easy thing to copy without an enormous investment in labor and specialized equipment.

Cantina Zaccagnini wine is wonderful, but the twig makes it easy to find in the wall of wines. It is a remarkable package – and the twig is what Laura Ries calls a visual hammer. It is a superb way to differentiate your brand and be remembered.

Does your brand have its version of the twig on your package?

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