Eight Steps to Becoming a Better Marketer

Eight Steps to Becoming a Better Marketer

Marketers who are successful have several habits in common that help them achieve the goals of their organization. These aren’t complex ideas, but they consistently practice these behaviors.

  • Understand the goal– They begin with the end in mind so that they don’t jump into tactics. They get clarity about how key stakeholders describe the goal so that they make sure they understand what success looks like to the leadership team.
  • They asked difficult questions – Because they are fearless, they jump right into the heart of the matter so that they probe where the real problems exist. They don’t dance around an issue – but face it head on with bone-dry honesty. They work in an environment that thrives on trust, honesty and a shared agenda.
  • They dig deeper – The successful marketer isn’t fearful of facing challenges. Great marketers dive in head first to go deeper into the matter. They aren’t satisfied when they get close to the real problem; they need to immerse themselves in it to get a fuller understanding. They want to feel the customers pain so they understand how a new solution could change their lives.
  • They put the customer’s needs first – Instead of asking the question, what new strategy (or product) will help improve our perception, they ask, how can we become more valuable to an existing or new customer? They know that through understanding a customer’s pain, they are focusing on solving the right problem.
  • They stay strategic, not tactical – There is a time to get into the tactics once you have alignment on the problem to be solved and a strategy for achieving those results. You wouldn’t want a doctor recommending medicine or surgery before they fully understand your complete history and situation.
  • They keep everyone focused – The great marketers often remind others that they are getting off course or focusing on a minor issue that isn’t core to achieve results. They thrive in an environment that respects the discipline required to change the status quo.
  • They keep score – With a few critical KPIs, they keep everyone aware of how the team is doing without getting lost in numbers. They have visible scorecards, so everyone knows how things are going. Can you imagine a sports event where you only see the score at the end of the month? Great marketers understand this and build scorekeeping into their daily communications, so everyone knows if you are winning or losing.
  • They aggressively listen – Great marketers know that they will succeed if they spend more time listening than talking to customers, distributors, brokers, reps, and others along the value chain. They work hard to hear and understand what someone means when they say, your product is good, not great. They listen carefully to the marketplace, so they don’t kid themselves into believing that everything is working when in fact, it’s still broken.

How good a marketer are you today – and how will you get better in the coming year? What is missing from this list?

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