Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Did you know that when I first joined my last employer in 2005, I sat through meeting after meeting jotting down notes under the heading; I didn’t know that.

The list kept growing and growing over a few months, and I was surprised to learn that we weren’t sharing some of these key messages to customers or even to colleagues.

Did You Know? 

The GM of the European division, Richard Teply, shared with me a video called Did You Know from another firm and planted a seed. I said to Richard, maybe we need a version to better tell our story.

I told my marketing team, “why not create a DID YOU KNOW video that told our story in a fast-paced and amusing way?”

We were able to create and pack important nuggets of information into a five-minute video. A great script was created with a storyboard of ideas to consider to illustrate the points.

When it was completed, I would frequently show this video to customers and most of them told us that they didn’t know the majority of the facts we were sharing. 

For example, a Nomacorc is 60% air – and very little plastic. The cork is recyclable. These highly engineered technical corks prevented TCA or cork taint. More than 2 billion wines used this style of closure. Nomacorc created a science called Oxygen Management that allowed a winery to manage the flow of oxygen into the wine, just like a sophisticated air filter.

The Did You Know format allowed us to tell an engaging story that never felt like a set of bullet points in a PowerPoint deck. Driving music helped to build excitement and enthusiasm too.

Here is that video ripe with rich information.


How could you use this idea in your business? Could you get key facts in front of prospect in an amusing way that gives them a passive way to learn more about what you do?

The Three E’s

The key is to create content that is entertaining, educational and easy to share. Collect your facts and work with an agency or individual who can help you tell your story to your prospects, current customers, and employees who work in the business. You can show a DID YOU KNOW video at conferences, tradeshows, on your website, in social media, vendor meetings, investor meetings and onboarding sessions for new employees.

Over five years, the video in this post was translated into six languages and seen by more than 100,000 people. (most of the views were on the websites we managed, not YouTube).

Did You Know is a powerful marketing tool for any company to use.

I bet you didn’t know that.


A great team of former Nomacorc colleagues put this together working with The Richards Group in Dallas. Today, this type of video can be produced for half the cost that it took just five years ago. Interested in your own Did You Know video, call me at 919 720 0995 or jeffslater@themarketingsage.com  I can help create a video like this for you.

CC0 Public Domain  photo by Olichel

Nomacorc Did You Know Video – A rights reserved. Thanks for allowing me to share this video.






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