Are Customers Muting Your Message

Are Customers Muting Your Message

Like you, I love the mute button on my remote. I get to silence the commercials when I’m watching live TV like a news show. I hate interruptions. As a marketer, you want customers to pay attention to your message. You want to be heard, listened to and have your message shared. You don’t want anyone muting your message.

What can you do?

Are your customer’s muting your message?

A 20% open rate for emails sounds goods, but it means that 80% of your prospects are hitting mute, ignoring what you say. Maybe your subject lines suck – and you need to do a better job communicating the benefits you offer. Perhaps your copy sounds corporate, not human. Is it possible that your message is dull, boring and uninspired? If you want to avoid getting muted, inject some personality into your message like the folks from Kettle & Fire Bone Broth. 

Are your posts on Facebook not getting shared? Maybe you aren’t telling a personal and human story that customers want to share. Posts about you and your business may not be share-worthy. People share on Facebook what moves them more than self-promotional materials. Don’t give me a list of features – tell me what’s in it for me, the customer. When you educate and entertain, people listen.

Do customers return your phone calls? Maybe you need to be more thoughtful about the voicemail message you leave on a customer’s phone. Give them the motive to return the call, help them understand how you will help them succeed and achieve their goals. Perhaps your promise isn’t bold enough to gain attention. Can you improve your guarantee dramatically to get their attention?

Is your tradeshow booth empty? Maybe your booth doesn’t tell the passerby exactly what you can do for them, and they keep on walking? Perhaps your signs are cluttered, and you are trying to tell too many stories. If you want people to stop by your booth, you need to find a way to communicate what’s new, how you can help them and the problems your product or service solves for them.

Unmute Your Message

Learning how to market your business means you have a deep understanding of your customer’s journey. What is it like to walk in their shoes, what needs do they have and how will you help them achieve their goals.

It isn’t about you. It is about serving the customer’s needs and communicating the benefits you offer.

Need help deleting the mute button and getting customers to pay attention? Let’s talk. 919 720 0995 or email me at 

Photo by Ayo Ogunseinde on Unsplash



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